digital photo frame

  chiantiuk 11 Dec 11

just bought a digital photo frame, put all my pics on my new memory card, but once put in the camera, all the pictures are dark and the colour of the faces are orange?????

  chiantiuk 11 Dec 11

sorry not camera, once I put the memory card in the photo frame, all the images were dark and orange, but they are not like that on my pc.....

  robin_x 11 Dec 11

Is there a protective plastic tinted film on the screen?

Otherwise I would say it's faulty.

Check the card jpgs again on the PC (not the jpgs on HDD)

  chiantiuk 11 Dec 11

No plastic covering on the frame and I am sorry but I am blonde, and don't really understand what you mean by checking the jpgs in HDD :-(

  robin_x 11 Dec 11

I mean read the copies on the card by plugging it back into the computer.

Don't read what you copied ie the originals.

Just in case it was a duff copy. I can't think how though.

  SparkyJack 11 Dec 11

This does look/sound like a graphics display prob with the photo frame. If your computer is a portable take frame and computer for the seller to see the discrepancy.

Alternately- if you have and can use an image editor take the images one by one and adjust the images to suit the frame

.Initially it will be a steep learning curve but once you have it under your belt doing it will be second nature.


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