Digital Photo CD/DVD Slideshow Software

  swanson2 13:57 06 Mar 05

I would like to copy my large digital photograph collection which is on my hard disc to a number of CD's or DVD's in the form of slideshows.

Can anyone recommend some user friendly software that would allow me to create such slideshows (preferably with the ability to add an audio track and special effects such as fade in and out etc)?

I have NERO 6 installed would this work in conjunction with the software in order to burn CD's/DVD's?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  stalion 14:11 06 Mar 05

This for me is the best dedicated dvd software out there also you can make a photo slideshow of up to 1000 have a look at the spec
click here

  pj123 14:22 06 Mar 05

A really good free slideshow software app is HPs Memories disk.

It's a huge download at around 38mbs but will do everything you want.

click here

  pj123 14:26 06 Mar 05

Sorry, link doesn't seem to be working, try this one.

  pj123 14:27 06 Mar 05

Even that one is wrong.

  pj123 14:29 06 Mar 05

Why can't I get this link to work anymore?

  stalion 14:32 06 Mar 05


  pj123 14:42 06 Mar 05

OK, I give up. If you like to email me swanson2 via the envelope with your address I will send you a cd with this programme on.

  Stuartli 14:45 06 Mar 05

TinyURL will make it easier to post long links:

click here

  craig42 14:54 06 Mar 05

Have a look at Photo Story 3 for Windows this might be of use to you

  jack 14:56 06 Mar 05

Fffor all you desire take a look at XAT
click here

free basic program

pay for it and it does it all

aprrox $30

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