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  globespan 17:01 10 Mar 07

Hi everybody I hope someone can help me.

Basically what it is I want to setup my television so I can watch media from my pc on my TV, sounds easy enough but here are the problems. The PC is in a different room (upstairs). Basically I want to be able to control my pc from downstairs and use my TV as a monitor. I don't know where to start.

So all in all is it possible to completely integrate my television downstairs with PC upstairs.

I hope someonc can help me

All the best

  silverous 22:10 10 Mar 07

Something like this?

click here

When you say "control my pc" I assume you mean get the files off it to play? If you actually want to remote control your PC you'll need something more like a PC hooked up to the TV i.e. a media center or something of that nature.

If you just want to play downloaded video/music files then the above should do it, you'd need wireless capability on your PC upstairs also (or wired if you wanted to run a cable down).

  silverous 22:12 10 Mar 07

To clarify...I think you can remote control the PC in the sense of choosing media etc. to play but don't expect a desktop from your PC to show on your TV screen...

  globespan 11:52 11 Mar 07

Thanks for that, I have media center pc but was really wondering what the best way to go about this is. At the moment I have a svideo cable which I can link up to the PC and television but was just really wondering about control


  silverous 14:48 11 Mar 07

What kind of control do you want? If the media center PC is the PC upstairs then you could even get an x-box in the lounge and use it as a "media center extender" to stream content to.

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