digital camera pixel query

  spud 22:25 12 Dec 03

Hi all
Can anyone explain to me the true pixel capability of digital camera's that say 4 million pixel output 2.1 million effective pixels,
iv'e heard the higher the pixels the better the camera
Thanks in advance

If you are a family snapshot man then anything better than 1 Million of pixels will produce perfectly acceptable pictures. I have a Fuji Finepix 1.4 million camera and it does the job for me.

The higher the pixels the better the quality is true, and the less frames available on a given size memory card, and the more money you outlay to purchase the camera in the first place.

There is some trickery, but I cannot recall what it was, when you see 4 Million but actually 2.1 Million, another way of increasing the cost?

  MAJ 22:47 12 Dec 03

I believe that the actual number of pixels used to record the picture (on that CCD) is 2.1 megapixels. 4 megapixels is the actual size of the CCD but not all the pixels are used in recording the image.

  NotsoNewuser 23:03 12 Dec 03

The higher the number of effective pixels the better quality the final print when printing large pictures.
A 3 mil. pixel camera will give a good print of A4 size by taking an image of 2048x1536 pixels.
That's your 3million.
If you enlarge a low resolution picture your application will calculate the additional pixels needed to reach the size requested as opposed to them being original true pixels.

  siouxah1 23:24 12 Dec 03

click here

Have a look here some good info on digicams and resolution etc.

Regards Brian j

  Pesala 23:26 12 Dec 03
  spud 23:49 12 Dec 03

Thanks guy's for all your help,i'm a bit wiser now

  Newuser3443 08:49 19 Dec 03

My understanding is that a 4mp camera with 2.1mp interpolated means that the camera's CCD (charge coupled device), takes an image of 2.1mp, but then uses a method called hardware interpolation to in effect add extra pixels (for which it obviously has to use an algorithm to apply a degree of guess work) to increase the images resolution. Because it guesses, it can never be as accurate as a CCD which has a true resolution of 4mp.

Having had a 1.3mp camera previously, I believe the absolute minimum you should be looking for is 2mp (unless you want to print out images smaller than 6 x 4 ?)

The likes of Paintshop Pro and Photoshop can already do this via software though.

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