digital camara installation

  gezzer69 14:28 29 Sep 06

i have tried to install pictures from my digital camara at the end of the installation it calls for me installation disc unfortunatly i do not have one can you help please.

  sean-278262 14:31 29 Sep 06

Can we know what you have and what OS you are using. With 1000s of cameras and about 30 different operating systems people tend to use we cant help without the basics.

  GroupFC 14:35 29 Sep 06

I was about to ask the same thing!

  gezzer69 14:37 29 Sep 06

the camara is a fuji 350 and runniung windows me

  Rogerfredo 16:51 29 Sep 06

You are probably better to get a card reader attached to your PC. These are often faster than the camera software.
I have owned Fuji, Minolta and Kodak digital cameras and always prefer to use a reader.

  Pineman100 16:59 29 Sep 06

When you talk about "installing" pictures from your digital camera, do you mean copying them from the camera on to your computer?

It sounds as though your computer wants a driver file to enable it to do this. You should be able to download this file from the camera manufacturer's website. You say the model is Fuji 350 - could it be A350? If so, for your driver click here and download the version for Windows ME.

  Stuartli 17:35 29 Sep 06

You are better sticking to one thread:

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