Digital camara?

  I-W 11:44 24 Nov 03

Iv found a digital camara that says you can veiw pictures thru windows explorer with no mention of extra software. can anyone shed some light on how this would be possible? cheers

  tenplus1 11:56 24 Nov 03

Most of the new Digital Cameras have a feature where the internal memory is recognised as an actual drive letter under Windows...

When I connect my Fijufilm 2200 I have a drive E:\ and I simply treat it like a huge floppy and view/edit/delete the photos...

  Jester2K II 11:59 24 Nov 03

"I simply treat it like a huge floppy and view/edit/delete the photos"

NOT a good idea. You should copy the photos from the card to the PC and only view them from there. Only delete the photos using the camera NOT Windows. Otherwise you risk a corrupt card.

  Ivor_Monkey 12:33 24 Nov 03

I think the most efficient and safest solution is to use a card reader.

  Kegsy 12:35 24 Nov 03

why not delete in windows?

  mikef. 12:41 24 Nov 03

As Jester2K II said it can corrupt yopur card, the only safe way is to use your camera delete, this way it should guarantee your card will work properly next time.

  tenplus1 13:46 26 Nov 03

I've been using Windows to View/Edit/Delete photos on my Smartmedia and CompactFlash cards for over a year and have never came across any problems what-so-ever in it's day-to-day usage...

So long as you delete the actual .jpg files and leave the directory structure intact nothing should go wrong...

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