Digital C amcorder etc

  dfb70uk 11:24 19 Jun 06

I am buying a digital camcorder (dv tape) which has dv and usb outputs. i will need an external video capture device that will handle analogue as well as digital. both computer have low pec 850 MHz/ 512Mb & 1.3 GHz/ 256 Mb. so upgrading required i suppose.
would somebody give advice on connections and devices required?
i see from previous posts a cheap dvd recorder helps a lot. is there any way to view output of the camcorder directly?

  john-232317 11:43 19 Jun 06

You should get a lead that will plug into your TV or DVD recorder etc with your camera. If you dont want to do a lot of editing of your films then a DVD recorder is best as it records in real time,Watch it through first then if you want to cut bits out just stop and restart the recording.

  dfb70uk 12:16 19 Jun 06

Thanks dadyassa, of course thats the simplest way to get started, why didn't I think of thatI can do my old analogue tapes too. I was obsessed with the idea of doing it on a computer. Maybe later I could do that when I can afford it (retired you see)
thanks again

  surfmonkey #:@}© 12:50 19 Jun 06

just a thought your pc with 1.3ghz could do with a little more memory but the prossessor 1.3 will work fine i have a 1.2ghz chip that works well with 512mb memory . y do you need to buy a capture card the dv cam has usb it will tranfer fottage you have captered on to the pc by usb you can edit in the windows movie maker that is built it to windows asuming you have xp on it

  john-232317 13:15 19 Jun 06

USB will not transfer very good, its more for stills, you would have to get a firewire card, which is more expence, that is why I suggested a DVD recorder, they are about 125€ where I am in Spain and I know you can get them in UK probably as cheap. They save so much time and hassle compared to doing it on a PC.

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