digicam abroad--- is it possible ?

  joeltr 12:42 03 May 04

just a thought, i am going on my holidays soon, and taking my kodak camera with me, i have two sd cards= 128+ 64,plus 16mb internal memory,it will more than likely be enough, if not, is it possible for me to transfer my pics & video clips to a device without the need for a pc so i can free up my memory cards and format my camera so i can carry on shooting, regards joel.

  Mo H 13:01 03 May 04

You have enough memory to store over 200 photo's. Also most places now have interent cafe's so maybe you could purchase a USN memory Stick (Saw one on ebay (256Mb) for about 35 quid. When camera is full copy files to pc via usb and then copy them to USB stick. Delete images off camera and happy snapping again.

Failing that I used to go through pictures one by one and delete the naff ones and carying on snapping. As a last resort maybe you could email them back to yourself - slow but job done.

  paddyjack 13:08 03 May 04

Most photo shops will transfer them to cd for you for a few Euros (if you are going to europ). My son spent xmas / new year in spain came back with 5 cds, no problem at all.

Good luck

  hssutton 14:35 03 May 04

There are plenty of devices on the market that will do what you want. I take a device called "Digital Library" which holds 20Gb. however in your case I would just buy another 128Mb card.

  joeltr 15:56 03 May 04

sorry for the delay in responding, thanks for your comments,i will wait till i get there(Bulgaria) and see whats available,regards, joel.

  byfordr 18:56 03 May 04

click here

256mb as cheap as £35
128mb £25


  joeltr 19:19 03 May 04

thanks for that,looks very good, regards,joel.

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