Difficulty in creating discs from analogue tapes

  Shantu 16:04 08 Feb 04

I have successfully captured & edited scenes from analogue tapes containing clips from both analogue & digital family videos using Pinnacle Studio SE V8.10.6 but unable to make movie as rendering will not take place with error messsage showing clip not suitable for MPEG rendering with different clips or I am using wrong type disk media though clips from single(S-VHS or Digital) sources can be made into movie successfully & transferred to discs.

I am using Windows XP Home edition via A Targa Visionary 3000+XP PC.

Any help, please.

  y_not 19:27 08 Feb 04

Check the Pinnacle settings - I think you might be capturing one as NTSC and one as PAL.

You will need to double check all the settings before authoring

  Shantu 21:35 14 Feb 04

Many thanks to y_not.

I have double checked but still no joy. I have sent my PC to the manufacturer for checking but I doubt if I will have an answer.

Will changing software to something like Nero 6 help?

I'll appreciate any help.


  y_not 07:37 15 Feb 04

I recently took a number of video files and tried, like you, to "string them together".

I had the same error as you - eventually I found that the settings, at the time of capture, were for NTSC on just one of the clips.

I set about capturing it again (I keep all my home movie tapes) and BINGO!

Plays fine on a DVD player.

I can only think that this is the cause, if the settings are okay at the authoring point.

Hope it helps


  Shantu 21:24 21 Mar 04

My old computer could not be repaired. This led to acquiring a new computer-HP 887C.

Now i find impossible to locate a capture device for Pinnacle Studio 9.

Please help as I have about a dozen full length SVHS tapes to convert to DVDs.

Many thanks,

Yours sincerely


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