Difficulties to connect 2 wireless points on WinXP

  siliconbits 18:49 20 Jan 05

I have tried to connect two Safecom products I bought recently; the 11MBps Wireless USB LAN adapter SWLU-1100 and a 11MBps Wireless Cardbus PC Card, the SWLCA-1100. Installation of the cards and the drivers on my notebook and my desktop run smoothly. I am planning to have an adhoc network, share some files and allow my laptop to access internet though ISC. I haven't unfortunately been able to do it for unknown reasons. I heve used the network setup wizard without any avail. I am using Windows XP professional on both machines and logged as administrator. Thx for helping me sorting this one out by indicating to me the exact steps to be followed.

Also by installing the client first - i.e the Card Bus first, have I done something wrong? I am also using a Sygate firewall.

  LeadingMNMs 19:59 20 Jan 05

My first check would be related to the firewall ? Has it actually been configured to allow network traffic ? I have no experience of Sygate, so I don't know where the settings will be.

  siliconbits 20:09 20 Jan 05

Apparently yes, the box next to "allow to browse network neighbourhood files and printers" was checked

  LeadingMNMs 20:18 20 Jan 05

Probably the simpliest way to check whether the computers can communicate is the 'ping' command. Open a command prompt from the Accessories menu and type "ping address" where address could either be an IP address (e.g. "ping") or the name assigned to the other computer (e.g. "ping COMP1")

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