Difficult question, hoping one can give me answer

  amyfleur 18:06 14 Jun 09

Not technically a PC enquiry but more a telephone query.

I pay for telephone ANYTIME so my calls to 01,02,03 & 0870 & 0845 are inclusive (free).

But more and more companies are now using 0844 numbers, which is free for the purchasers but local fees for the client.

My GP practice uses 0844. Every time I ring their 0844 number for an appointment, no matter how early in the day I ring them, I invariably am number 19 or 24 (or similar)in the queue, therefore my phone bill soon stacks up.

Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out their direct line number (ie. 01,02 or 03)?

  recap 18:23 14 Jun 09

Don't they have it on their letter heading or their stamp when they write a prescription?

  beeuuem 19:20 14 Jun 09

You can make your feeling known click here - and you know Mr Brown is listening 'cos he said so.

  amyfleur 19:48 14 Jun 09

recap - no, on all their media they only offer their 0844 number, that includes my repeat prescription & their flyers etc etc.

beeuuem - thanks for that site, I have signed up to 2 petitions already.

HOWEVER, I have found a site called 'SAYNOTTO0870.COM'. You put in either the company name or phone number and they come back with an alternative 01,02,03 number. I have used it many times for 0871 numbers ie. banks, building societies, various public companies, but unfortunately my GP's practice is not on there.

  Kevscar1 05:54 15 Jun 09

Try this

click here

  amyfleur 20:52 15 Jun 09

Duh! That's what I said. Except for the typo.

  wiz-king 21:28 15 Jun 09

Look in an old yellow pages or local directory, chances are the 'new' number is a tranlation to the previous.

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