Difficult to access 'View your postings'

  Andsome 07:50 03 Oct 05

It is VERY difficult once again to access 'View your postings'.

  watchful 08:40 03 Oct 05

I'm having the same problem again.

Very slow to load.

  Chegs ® 08:54 03 Oct 05

Its been like this since it was "un-disabled" I tried to dig out an old posting recently,even with 2Mb BB,it was taking forever to load.It does speed up the further back you go,but midway,it was definitely "click-zzzzzzzzzzzzz" :-)

  Andsome 09:31 03 Oct 05

I am also on 2MB Broadband.

  CurlyWhirly 09:34 03 Oct 05

It is slow but I am glad to say that I rarely use it.

It is bound to be slow though as the server takes time to build up the database and this is happening while other requests and postings are going on in the background so it comes as no surprise really.

  CurlyWhirly 09:37 03 Oct 05

p.s. I would rather 'View my postings' be slow than the opening and posting of threads!

I am having no problems with the overall speed of the site apart from VYP which I can live with ;0)

  wots it all about 09:43 03 Oct 05

I have this prob too, but if I right click on it and select open in new tab it works! Sometimes!

  jack 14:02 03 Oct 05

I supect this is largly to do with the fact we are all trying to do it - go away do something else.

  Andsome 14:38 03 Oct 05

For a while earlier today, soon after posting this thread, I could not access the site at all. That problem is now resolved.

  Diemmess 16:29 03 Oct 05

It is family, and we have to allow for all the shortcomings in order to benefit from what IS there ........... much of the time (:|

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