Different versions of Roboform

  exdragon 21:06 16 Jun 11

Hi - I know many of you use RF and I've happily been using RF2Go on a USB. Now the trial (which I hadn't realised was in place) has ended, I'm trying to purchase, but am a bit confused.

All I want to do is run the programme from a USB, with Firefox 4.0.1 as a browser without losing all my logins in the process! Can someone please point me in the right direction?

It seems RF2Go 7 is £24.99, while Everywhere is £7.99 for year 1, and you need an online account. Is this a problem, or do people prefer to stick with an earlier version?

  northumbria61 21:30 16 Jun 11

I have used Roboform for many years now - just upgraded to Roboform Everywhere - Brilliant. Once your online account is set up (very easy) you can then SYNC with your online account and you won't ever lose anything.

  exdragon 22:33 16 Jun 11

So I can put it on a desktop if I want to, and on the USB, add a new login onto one of them and the other will update automatically?

Never got the hang of synching stuff - I always had the feeling that if there was no data on one device, then that would overwrite what was on the other, rather than the other way round! Yes, I know its sad.

  gengiscant 07:19 17 Jun 11

I also have used Roboform for many years but I just use Dropbox to sync the My Roboform Data folder, which of course is free, provided you do not exceed 2GB.

  961 08:08 17 Jun 11

I've stuck with the earier version for the moment

Partly it's down to cost, but also because it provides all that I want in house as it were

  exdragon 09:00 17 Jun 11

Thanks, chaps, the reason I wanted the 2Go version is that I'm going off to the Antipodes for a couple of months, so I'm not sure what to do here.

  northumbria61 12:04 17 Jun 11

With the "Everywhere" account the Roboform toolbar will be installed and on there is a SYNC button which allows you to SYNC (to your ONLINE account) - Show changed Files without Syncing (Analyze only) or Manage Your Roboform Everywhere Account (you can use your normal Master Password for this)

With the SYNC button you don't have to worry anymore about backing up or whether it will restore successfully - it's all online and that's what you are paying for.

RoboForm Everywhere provides a better, more streamlined user experience. The new RoboForm Everywhere service will a) keep all your RoboForm data in sync, b) always ensure you have a backup copy, and c) allow you to access your RoboForm data from Everywhere.

In my opinion it's worth the £7.99 for year 1.

There's still the option of RF2Go for USB if you prefer link text

  exdragon 13:07 17 Jun 11

Many thanks - I'm currently trying out LastPass, but if I don't like it, I think I'll go for Everywhere. As you say, it's a bargain.

  northumbria61 13:10 17 Jun 11

Good luck whatever you choose but I don't think you will be disappointed with RF Everywhere.

  exdragon 13:18 17 Jun 11

Made my mind up already - can't get LP to open my bank accoun!

  exdragon 13:20 17 Jun 11

One last question - I assume it will keep all my current RF data?

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