Different types of PSU....

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 19:35 16 Mar 05

Just been reading up on PSU's as i have ordered one for my new PC that i am building, but i think i have ordered the wrong thing.

The graphics card i want is a PCI Express one, and i believe that you need a special PSU that is compliant with PCI express graphics cards....is this true?

What are the different PSU formats...

such as ATX 2.0 and ATX 2.2?

  woodchip 19:41 16 Mar 05

A Normal ATX PSU should be OK. Get about 550watt so you have plenty of spare power

  Rayuk 19:46 16 Mar 05

What model have you ordered?

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 21:02 16 Mar 05

i have ordered a Radeon X850XT....with the Athlon 4000+ bundle shown on this page... click here

If you also click on this link.... click here (mines the mobo at the top) it will mention that an ATX 2.0 Compatible power supply is need for PCI-Express gfx cards

  keith-236785 21:10 16 Mar 05

most (if not all) new PSU's come with the standard 20 connector block and a seperate 4 connector block (sometimes reffered to as P4, this is needed for the CPU power on a AMD athlonxp 64bit proc & i believe on pentium4 too)

without the 4 connector block attached the system wont start up (i am informed, but dont take my word for that) so i dont think you can get it wrong,

  Rayuk 17:29 17 Mar 05

click here
Top one/high price has all thats needed pci-e sata and 20/24 pin connectors

  Rayuk 17:31 17 Mar 05

PS You can of course just buy a pci-e /molex adapter to do the same job
click here

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