different picture showing!!!

  newgee 20:00 12 Feb 03

does any 1 know wots goin on ive downloaded a few albums and stored them in my music ive put the front and back covers in the folders with the songs.... in xp when you select thumbnails from the view box it shows the front and back covers on the folder...now this all sound fine but today the covers have changed 2 times to a totaly different front cover of the same artist e.g i downloaded roxette - balads...and it showed the balads covers .. then it changed to a different cover ive never seen and now its a totaly diff roxette cover again and this is happening in a few of the albums ive done...does any1 know why cheers...

  interzone55 20:52 12 Feb 03

I have a feeling that XPs built in taste filter is objecting to your choice of music.

Now seriously, please try and explain yourself a little more clearly.
Have you checked the filenames of these images? Have you accidentally moved any files around? Have you heard about the key to the left of \ which capitalises letters?

  graham 20:57 12 Feb 03

I blame the grandparents.

  newgee 12:13 13 Feb 03

i think the grandparents might have something to do with it!!!!!!!! it dont matter i'll put up with it!! thanks anyway...

  ©®@$ђ 12:43 13 Feb 03

when you right click on the folder and properties/customize

you will see a drop down bar under

what kind of folder do you want and use this folder type as a template

click the little arrow for the drop down box and choose music artist or music album

another thing to consider is make sure you have different artists in different folders, then apply the picture template to the folder and always click apply when you make a change

let me know how you get on

  tenor 15:17 13 Feb 03

Hmmmm-downloaded a few albums,eh?Whats your name again?

  newgee 16:11 13 Feb 03

i will give it a go ©®@$ђ and they are 4 personal use tenor not distribution!!!!

  tenor 16:17 13 Feb 03

Cor aint anybody got a sense of humour anymore?I think i vil go back to reading biggles under ze bedclothes,microsoft reader and a laptop save you setting fire to the bedclothes with the candle.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:19 13 Feb 03

In the words of Kryten from Red Dwarf:

"I'm sorry sir, I seem to have bypassed my taste chip."

Only kiddin. Hope the downloads were legit?!



  tenor 16:30 13 Feb 03

just listened to some roxette,must say i
prefer bartok (bartok is snot)

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