Different ip address on network

  xclr8r 20:02 02 Sep 07

Hi guys,

got a laptop and a old p3 pentium connected to internet via a Netgear WGT624 v3 wireless router. This used to work fine with no problems at all, until recently. The old p3 just keeps displaying a message "this page cannot be displayed". The only thing I can see that can possibly be causing the problem is that the ip address and default gateway are different. When I click on the network connection icon in the bottom right hand corner.
If anybody thinks this is causing my problem, can you instruct me how to edit the two figures, so they are the same as the ip, and default gateway on the laptop.
Cheers in advance.

  ambra4 20:21 02 Sep 07

How is the p3 connected wireless or via the lan card

  xclr8r 20:24 02 Sep 07

It's connected wireless via a usb key.

  ambra4 21:29 02 Sep 07

is the laptop working

Connect via the lan card ethernet cable to router and see if working

  xclr8r 21:36 02 Sep 07

Yes the laptop is working and connected to net fine, I am using this now. The strange thing is that the p3 is connected, as it's showing a connection in the toolbar. It just wont display the web pages. It's as if it is not connected correctly.

  martjc 21:45 02 Sep 07

...re-booting the modem/router, then the computer? This sometimes works wonders!

  xclr8r 21:56 02 Sep 07

Tried re-booting it a few times now, but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestions though guys. I have worked out how to manually enter the ip address and will try it tomorrow evening, as the p3 is in the sons bedroom and he's now gone to bed.

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