Different incoming and outgoing mail servers?

  MAC 09:11 27 Jan 05

I’m trying to assist a one-man company set up his emails using Outlook, unfortunately without much luck!

He has Broadband, which is supplied by BT Internet. When he uses the BT Internet account with both the incoming and outgoing mail server set to mail.btinternet.com everything works as it should, messages are sent and received.

However the problem arises because he has a company web site hosted by a local web site company called Tochin, and they route all the incoming traffic to three additional e-mail accounts i.e. sales, accounts and admin. These three can successfully receive e-mails from Tochin but they can never respond as the outgoing e-mail gets dumped into the outbox where it stays.

The Outlook settings for the three accounts sales, accounts and admin are incoming mail server = mail.tochin.net (I think) and outgoing mail server = mail.btinternet.com. We spoke to BT Internet and have all the settings correct with regards to authentication etc. No matter how much we toggled settings outgoing mail always ended up in the outbox.

The only clue I can give is the error message 0x800CCC7D, which I will investigate later today.

In the mean time help would be much appreciated explaining how to set up a BT Internet account using a different incoming and outgoing mail server, or perhaps it is just not possible?

  recap 09:15 27 Jan 05

click here for a possible solution?

  octal 09:24 27 Jan 05

If this is the company, I think it might answer your question:

click here

  octal 09:28 27 Jan 05

Should have expanded really;

incoming is mail.tochin.co.uk

outgoing: smtp.btinternet.com

  TomJerry 10:14 27 Jan 05

many ISPs outgoing mail servers only allow outgoing mails from from it own mail address, i.e., the mails from bt email address can be sent, but from any other accounts (e.g. Tochin) cannot be sent.

So, your (his) options:

(1) find a outgoing mail server which allow email sending from any address (maybe Tochin can help). I remember that there are some free email servers suggested in computer magzines, but cannot remember.

(2) switch another ISP which allow outgoing emails from other email account, there are some ISPs allow this

  Stuartli 10:39 27 Jan 05

I have Tiscali and Pipex e-mail accounts. Normally all e-mails are collected via Tiscali.

However, if I Reply to a Pipex e-mail, in the Windows DialUp panel I have to select the Pipex connection instead of Tiscali or, alternatively, change the Send e-mail address details to use the Tiscali link.

  Fellsider 12:27 27 Jan 05
  Fellsider 12:29 27 Jan 05

the 'click here's above should read:

www (dot) mysurname (dot) org.uk (without spaces and '(dot)s@

  ACOLYTE 12:37 27 Jan 05

Dont know if this will help but when the mail comes from tochin and you reply it will try to send it back through tochin,it wont work because you have to be signed in to the web account i have the same problem with yahoo i can get mail through OE but if i click reply it doesnt get sent and gets returned,so what i do is change the email addy to my BT one in the dropdown list of the email it works then.If this is not what you mean im sorry.

  Stuartli 12:42 27 Jan 05

I think that's basically the same solution as I have to use.

Incidentally my son registered our family name as a co.uk domain (slightly more upmarket!) and set up the family's e-mail accounts in different parts of the country (and the world) to collect their respective individual e-mails, even though only the Christian name precedes the @xxxx.co.uk

  MAC 12:43 27 Jan 05

Thank you for all the valued responses. I will investigate each one.

Thank you all for your time.

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