Different default browser for users on XP?

  Roadgiant 22:04 24 Jul 05

Is there an easy way of setting up different default browser for user profiles on XP?
I prefer to use Firefox, but my son wants to use IE6,I have found a program called "DefaultBrowser V1.1" here :- click here on the net but am vary wary about using software from an unknowm source.
Thanks in advance RG

  jan-boy 22:39 24 Jul 05

As I understand it each person can have in their own profile their own personal settings.

As you log out of your profile and your son logs on the settings change to his choice.

  DieSse 22:47 24 Jul 05

I don't really see a problem - if you have both on the desktop, you each start the one you wish to use?

  Roadgiant 22:51 24 Jul 05

Thats what I thought, but if you set IE up as his default browser, log off and then log myself back on as administrator, the next time he logs on his default browser has changed back to Firefox.
He can still use IE by starting it off the program menus, but what I was trying to do is get IE to start up on pressing the Web/Home button on the keyboard.

  DieSse 22:55 24 Jul 05

Just put them both on the desktop - then you can go straight to them - instead of having to let go the mouse and use the keyboard - and without going into the program menus.

  Roadgiant 23:12 24 Jul 05

Thanks for the replies, I was more interested to see if it could be done,it is not really a problem. from force of habit I tend to keep the desktop clear, at the moment the only thing on it is the recycle bin.
I have a colleague (at work) who has approximately 30-40 items on his desktop, when I occaisionaly use his pc it takes me ages to even find anything!

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