different coloured text in one line

  pcadv 18:49 11 Jan 07


I am trying to show three words, all in differnt colours but font is same. They should be in the same line.

Can anyone suggest me how to go about it?


  mco 19:45 11 Jan 07


  pcadv 22:17 11 Jan 07

Sorry. I had forgoten to add that. I am using css and html.

  LeadingMNMs 22:33 11 Jan 07

Well simply speaking, but very ugly coding ....

<span class="classThatAppliesToAll">
<span id="red">
<span id="blue">
<span id="yellow">

With associated CSS for .classThatAppliesToAll (ie. font face, size etc) and #red, #blue, #yellow to assign colours. Obviously you could also put the style info within the style tags using, for example, style="color:red".

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