Difference between TL-52 1.6Ghz & TL-56 1.8Ghz

  DJ-Garry 19:53 08 Oct 07

Hi guys.

I'm looking to get a new laptop and the two I've narrowed it down to are both very similar spac Acer machines from ebuyer.
One has a TL-52 1.6Ghz and the other (£35 dearer) has a TL-56 1.8Ghz. The TL-56 mchine is temp out of stock at moment.

If I'm impatient and go for the slower one, am I going to be dissapointed too much. I don't play any games on my pc's but am a haevyish multitasker, running lots of windows and apps at the same time doing some video processing,(time not really an issue there as i let it run overnight usually) and (legal) music downloading from multi sources as I'm a DJ, then using the laptop out on the road as a backup for my CD collection.

Cheers, Garry

  skidzy 20:11 08 Oct 07

Do you mean this one click here

If you can up your budget £45,the Athlon looks a better bet for your work.click here

Even better if you could go to Intel dual core or core2 duo.

  intense 20:11 08 Oct 07

hi, unrelated i know but i have an acer aspire 5540 laptop and i wouldn't buy another.
periodically i have to take the whole thing to bits to clear the airflow due to overheating, my DVD drive has never worked properly due to discs not being recognised and alltogether shoddy build quality, my old dell lattitude c600 on the other hand was a beautifull and sturdy machine which apart from a glass of water being spilt on it worked fine for 6 years!
choose wisely my friend

  DJ-Garry 20:16 08 Oct 07

Thanx 4 ur info.
I bought a small Acer laptop a my kids last year and it's been as good as gold. It does get a bit warm but there's something you can do to stop the cpu running at full speed all the time i think. just haven't got round to doing it yet. It was mentioned in one of the ebuyer reviews for an Acer laptop i read.


  DJ-Garry 20:18 08 Oct 07

No, they are both Acer machines. Very high spec for the money, 17 screen, 2gig ram, 160 gig HDD.
Just not sure about hte cpu. Is it worth the wait for the faster one?

click here

click here

  woodchip 20:18 08 Oct 07

Did you see my Post? I got a new HP 510 Centrino Laptop click here(16329)HP-510-Notebook-PM770-213GHz-512MB-60GB-154.aspx
I paied £295 inc vat from Computer Fair at Sheffield

  DJ-Garry 20:21 08 Oct 07

That is a good deal for the machine woodchip!!!

  intense 20:26 08 Oct 07

well it should automatically lower the cpu speed that was the problem i was running at 2.3 gigs while it should've been running 3.2 this was due to the dust build up of a 8 month old computer, well its up2u i just wanted to say my experience with acer hasnt been good :-)

  skidzy 20:29 08 Oct 07

Hi woody,do you mean your post over the other side ? if so yes and i do have a possible solution for you.

Your link ! i think you are missing something mate.

  DJ-Garry 20:40 08 Oct 07

The review I saw about the tech side of it runnig a bit hot went as follows:

This is an excellent notebook except that its ACPI definition is incomplete. The DSDT table is states "Processor (CPU0, 0x00, 0x00001010, 0x06) {}" and the _CST section is missting. All this means that you CPU will be running at all times (full or half speed) and your CPU sleep states are disabled.It will drain your battery and keep your notebook hot and the fan kicking in frequently even if you are doing nothing. I have asked ACER for a proper DSDT I had no reply yet. The second thing that bothers me is that the keys too gently it could not sensor it as a hit. Apart from these two things its a great notebook and is worth for the money.

Anyone any comments on this? I don't understand all of it or exactly how to rectify it either but it sounds like it makes sence!!

  skidzy 20:48 08 Oct 07

Personally Gaz, i would go with Dell.
I have had the Dell Inspiron 6400 Core 2 Duo for around 18 months now,been brilliant and can not fault it.

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