Difference between P4 and other processors???

  kevlewins 14:26 07 Sep 03

What is the difference, is it worth getting a pentium 4 or is a AMd just as good?

  bremner 14:51 07 Sep 03

Probably the most asked question on this forum.

click here or use the search facility on this forum to source the many many many threads

  powerless 14:53 07 Sep 03

Stick around long enough and you'll come to know the Intel vs AMD wars...

It's a war that no one can realy can win, they both throw all they have at each other but no real winner shines...

click here and have a look at all the tests they have on intel and amd processors. Intel comes through mostly but when you look at the results intel win here and amd win there.

Depends what you want the computer to do. I beleive the intels have a few exrta instructions that allow them to process video faster.

They also have faster bus speeds @ 800 mhz and are about 1Ghz faster in clock speed.

AMD are to be releasing the Atlon XP 64 (Opteron?) processors so maybe jus hang on a little longer...

Intel also are more expensise.

For the majority of a PC's job, either will do...

Also personal opinion comes into play "i prefer intel because..."

Same with AMD!

...at the end of the day, put two names into the hat and pick one out...

  powerless 14:53 07 Sep 03

Sounded like the beckhams at the end there!

  kevlewins 15:03 07 Sep 03

so if say i got a AMD 2800 the performance would be quite close to the pentium but for less money??

  powerless 15:08 07 Sep 03

The pentium 2.8GHz P4 yes...

AMD state (somewhere) it is better than the P4 2.8Ghz.

Just look on the above site, see all the charts.

Also it depends what your doing. If your typing in word just because you have the "faster" processor does not mean you'll type faster ;-)

  wags 21:21 07 Sep 03

I posted a similar question prior to ordering a new PC. In the end I went for the AMD Athlon 2800 XP + (with Barton Core) rather than a P4 2.8 and am not disappointed with the choice.It was also a cheaper option, so I spent the saving on upgrading to 1,024 DDR Ram and a larger, faster hard drive.

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