difference between mmc and sd cards for cameras?

  pc imbecile 20:20 23 Feb 04

I am the owner of a kodak digital camera and was looking to increase the memory however after visitng kodak website i am unsure which is best either mmc or sd cards, can anyone help with the difference? also is it ok to use a brand other than kodak as i have sourced non kodak mmc cards for less than half price on e-bay? many thanks!

  siouxah1 21:39 23 Feb 04

Have a look here for differring types, and supply

click here

regards Brian j

  Hacky 21:41 23 Feb 04

MMC/SD Further information:

What's the difference between Multi Media Memory and Secure Digital ?:

• Speed: SD cards are faster than MMC cards. The actual speed that you'll get depends on the device you're using the card in. Unless for professional or
large users, most would not really notice a difference. Durability: The SD cards are probably more durable due to thicker casing and
design changes.

• Write-protection: SD cards have a small switch on the side of them that allows for write-protection (like floppy disks). This may be useful to some

• Copyright Protection: SD cards are more secure but this isn't something that makes the card better most users.

So which is better?

It's down to personal preference and use, most may suggest that MMC is better for most as it generally costs less. It is also slightly smaller in
size. SD is probably technologically

  siouxah1 21:42 23 Feb 04


MultiMediaCards are just like SD cards, except that they lack some of the SD file protection and encryption abilities.

  Hacky 21:43 23 Feb 04

forgot to add better but mor expensive at the end

  pc imbecile 22:28 23 Feb 04

Many thanks folks, i should have payed more attention during IT at school

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