Difference Between DDR's Noob Here :\

  Cola5354 00:17 28 Oct 09

Hi, im planning on getting a new Graphic card and DDR and DDR2 and 3 are confusing me so im not sure if they are compatiable with my computer.
The current graphic card im using i think is a DDR, but does it matter a lot if i get a DDR2 graphics?

Need help on this, Thanks

  OTT_Buzzard 00:28 28 Oct 09

DDR RAM on graphics cards (GDDR) is not the same as DDR RAM on your motherboard.

Graphics card DDR RAM goes up to GDDR5 - roughly this is equivelant to DDR3 RAM on your motherboard.

I wouldn't worry too much about compatibility - if the card fits then it will be compatible.
That's perhaps a bit of an over generalisation, but as a rule of thumb it does work.

  alan2273 12:08 28 Oct 09

One thing you need to be aware of though is to make sure you get the right interface.
Check to see if you need an AGP or a PCI-e card before you buy.

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