Difference Between Ati 9000 and 9100

  needhelp 15:40 21 Apr 03

Can someone tell me which one is better bcause i dont know the specs of the 9100pro

  Egg McKane 15:48 21 Apr 03

I dont know the specs of the 9100PRO but have a scan of ebuyer's site but i was that impressed by a review about the 9000PRO (beats the GeForce4 MX440 hands down!) that i have one on order from ebuyer (£84.16 cant go wrong with that)

  mcullum_DX4Life 02:49 22 Apr 03

The 9000 is basically a cut down version of the 8500 (R250) but with some enhancements at the same time. The 9100 however is just the 8500 with a new name, as it worked out slightly better then the 9000 and ATI wanted the numbers to correspond to performance.

Hence the reason they are ditching the 9500Pro - it is much faster then the new 9600Pro!

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