Did I burn ISO Correctly?

  belcanto 19:53 27 Dec 05

Hi there to all-I was able to get hold of an ISO and burn it too disk. However I do not know if I have burnt it okay as everytime I click on it it takes me to the rom burning software I have. iuse both nero and easy cd creator 6 platinum edition.


  mattyc_92 20:00 27 Dec 05

You have to open your burning rom software and select "Open". Now select the ISO file (you may need to select "All Files" option in the file filter).

Then just insert a blank disk and click the Burn button. When it is completed, you will notice that the disk doesn't contain a "*.iso" file, but whatever the image contains.

Hope that helps.

  Gongoozler 20:04 27 Dec 05

Hi belcanto. As I understand it, an ISO file is the complete CD compilation. What do you expect to happen when you click on it?

  daxian 20:10 27 Dec 05

hi belcanto ....an ISO is an image file ,you are meant to use nero or other burning software to create a copy of the original item .
It sounds like you have copied the image file as an ISO .....
if you double click the original iso ,it will open nero and create or burn the iso the correct way ...hope this helps...Dave.

  Strawballs 20:21 27 Dec 05

In easy cd creator go to classic > file > burn from ISO file then navigate to file then click burn.

  Sharpamatt 20:28 27 Dec 05

Im supprised to see that Nero and Roxio are running without problems, these two normally conflict.

By double clicking on an ISO file it should open your burning software, if you place a CD in the drive before hand it should go straight to the option to Burn

  jimv7 21:03 27 Dec 05

It is not roxio and nero that conflict, it is roxio direct cd and nero incd that can conflict.

  Chegs ®™ 21:49 27 Dec 05

click here

Easiest way I've ever found to correctly burn an ISO image.

  woodchip 21:58 27 Dec 05

Only way to find out is try starting with the CD in the drive

  woodchip 22:00 27 Dec 05

Sorry but if you just burned it to disc as data file it's no good, you should double click the file with a Blank CD in the drive then choose burn

  keith-236785 22:59 27 Dec 05

Insert a blank cd in the writer.

use Nero Express, bottom option in the window is

"disk image or saved project"

click there then near the bottom, click the filter arrow at the side of the "Files Of Type" text box, choose the "image files (*.nrg,*.iso,*.cue)

browse to where the file is stored and double click to select it, this takes you to the burning options setup, choose the speed you want (slower is better, but maybe just one or two down from max....no need to go slowest).

then click NEXT. that will start the burn of the iso image to a cd once finished, your new cd will be usable.

good luck

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