Dictation Editting

  roygbiv 12:01 21 Dec 06

I am currently hoping that SANTA might bring me an Olympus dictaphone !!

I am not sure that the included software can be used to edit the voice dictation (and perhaps send via email?).

If not, whats a good cheap (or FREE) software?

  roygbiv 19:43 21 Dec 06

what is all this about file formats??

I have just come to remember some of the usuall ones, and now this has some different ones. Please explain..

  VoG II 21:03 21 Dec 06

Can you try rephrasing that question into something understandable?

  I am Spartacus 21:07 21 Dec 06

It's related to this, I think? click here

I should have pointed out in my post that a dictation machine that connects to a PC should normally have software supplied with it. My doesn't but it's only a cheapie. The reviews I've read of the Olympus software supplied with the dictation systems have been generally good.

  roygbiv 10:27 22 Dec 06

THANK YOU, for the execllent, advice you give to all who ask, especially ME.

Some of my questions are abit confusing or have very simple answers. (I am diasabled, and I dont explain my self clearly, at times)

WISHING ALL forum members a Happy Christmas.


  roygbiv 17:25 24 Dec 06

Got an early present (an Olmypus 3100PC)

I am looking for a (simple)easy to use (drag and drop, sort of thing) program to edit the voice recordings. (good enough to go to local radio shows !!), dont want all the nonsense of the HIP HOP music "flashy" programs.

  I am Spartacus 17:32 24 Dec 06

I haven't used this but other forum members have recommended Audacity click here

  roygbiv 18:13 24 Dec 06

THANK YOU THANK YOU, it looks perfect.

Have a nice christmas.....Alan

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