Dialup + Broadband

  Kudu 11:23 03 Dec 03

Can you add a dialup connection to a computer that is on broadband.

  johnnyrocker 11:25 03 Dec 03

yes because you use your internal modem on the analogue side of the phone line.


  Sir Radfordin 11:46 03 Dec 03

Yes, but you will still need to use the dial-up modem via the phoneline for any dial up connections. You will not be able to use your ADSL/cable modem for anything other than the given connection.

  Kudu 11:58 03 Dec 03

Thats fine.The reason i am asking is because Virgin put an automatically instal program on the desktop and it said it would alter my settings when loaded.Is it OK to go ahead as i don't want to loose my settings for broadband and have to start again.

  sil_ver 12:02 03 Dec 03

It will probably only make Dialup your default dialer. Just alter it in tools/internet options/connections Better still enter the dialup parameters manually rather than let Virgin install it as they will probably change your homepage if you do.

  Kudu 14:27 03 Dec 03

Read pj123 posting.Forgot to say thanks for replies.Everything ok apart from a stupid Virgin logo twirling away at top right of screen where it's taken over IE and OE as supplier.

  sil_ver 14:38 03 Dec 03

There's a little prog called IE Debrander very easy to use. Do a google search

  johnnyrocker 14:41 03 Dec 03

swot i just been looking for;)) to post.


  keenan 15:10 03 Dec 03

'Hijack This' Identifies Browser Hijackers And Removes Them
click here
IE Debrander avaialable from you 'local' jester :)
click here

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