Dialler.BB = big problem on my PC right now.

  WrathMaster2 22:34 29 Nov 04

So I got this dodgy Dialler called Dialler.BB on my PC. I then downloaded Spybot S&D. It seemed to detect a lot of Spyware, which I deleted.
However, my anti-virus program, (Panda Titanium),
is repeatedly giving me a pop-up message saying something like "Dialler neutralised".
The full path for the Dialler is:
This leaves me thinking the Dialler is not entirely gone from my system.
I tried searching for the file _t.exe, but couldn't find it on my PC.

  WrathMaster2 22:35 29 Nov 04

EDIT: I'm on Windows XP, SP1. If that's any help.

  stalion 22:45 29 Nov 04

is this xp?

  stalion 22:47 29 Nov 04

do a seperate scan with this
click here

  WrathMaster2 23:08 29 Nov 04

Thanks I'm going to give it a try but right now I'm scanning my hard drive with Panda.
3 Virus' detected so far, it may delete them fully.

  WrathMaster2 08:34 30 Nov 04

Nope, it's back. I *thought* I had removed it with Spybot, and then BAM, it's back when I restart and I have the same problem.
My anti-virus says its neutralised it, but it repeatedly comes back, wtf?

  curlylad 09:30 30 Nov 04

I would try the link stalion provided for a²free , this should remoive it.

However you could also try Ad-Aware click here

  curlylad 09:39 30 Nov 04

I have just been informed by a colleague that these are also good at removing rogue dialers.

Aranea Spywizard click here

MicroWorld Anti Virus Toolkit
click here

Let us know how you get on !

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