Dialing a broadband connection

  tman16 19:14 15 Aug 06


I just reset my computer and installed all the programs again and my broadband but now when i open up internet explorer the dial up box doesnt come up instead it sais "work offline" and "try again", when i press try again the box does not come up still and i cant connect to the internet that way. So i have to go Start-Connect to-Internet 2-Dial. Is there a way to change it back so that a dial box comes up when i click on internet explorer???



  johndrew 19:26 15 Aug 06

Your post isn`t very clear to me.

If you are saying that you get the message that you are working offline, have you gone to `File` and made certain `Work Offline` doesn`t have a tick next to it?

  tman16 19:37 15 Aug 06

No im saying that usually when i double click on internet explorer a dialing box comes up then i click connect. Now this does not come up and i want to know how i can get the box to come up

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:45 15 Aug 06

IE-tools-options-connections-highlight your connection and click 'set as default-tick 'always dial my default connection.

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