Dial Up Noise

  DANZIG 10:28 21 Apr 05

Is there any way to turn down the noise of a dial up connection?

By that I mean the 'touch tone' noise when it actually dials up AND/OR the lovely screeching noise when its connecting.

Thank You.

  ACOLYTE 10:31 21 Apr 05

Yes i think you can by rightclicking the IE icon selecting propereties then connections,and settings again there should be a volume slider there somewhere,sorry cant be more specific i havent used dial modem up in a while.

  DANZIG 10:33 21 Apr 05

Does it matter that I don't use IE?

I use (don't laugh) AOL.

  Sans le Sou 11:03 21 Apr 05

Does the sound come from the case or through your audio speakers?

  DANZIG 11:10 21 Apr 05

It comes from the case.

  gudgulf 11:18 21 Apr 05

What version of windows are you using?If it's xp open the control panel and navigate to the "phone and modem options".Click on modem and it should list your modem.Select the modem by clicking on it and then click on the properties button at the bottom of the box.A new box will open up,select modem and you you should get another box open up with a volume slider at the top.That's what you need to adjust.

I'm not sure about earlier versions of Windows but if you select modems in control panel you shouild be able to find the volume control in the modem properties.

  DANZIG 11:53 21 Apr 05

Tried that, GUDGULF, however it already says the volume is 'OFF'.

  SANTOS7 12:12 21 Apr 05

Start>control panel>click modems>select modem>click connection tab>click advanced, this will bring up extra settings field ENTER=


ATM1=all noises till a connection

ATM2=noise during use only

ATM3= no dialing, but noise while connecting

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