Dial-up modems" BEWARE"

  SANTOS7 13:43 10 Nov 04

Taken from one of todays daily newspapers.

Internet fraudsters are useing "pop-up" pages when clicked on will reroute you to a premium rate dialer without your knowledge, according to BT 60,000 plus customers have already fallen to this scam.
They suggest closing all pop-ups using the title bar and not to click(click here to close)
They also say you can ask BT to block premium rate dialers at no cost to you.
i hope this info is useful to you if it has already been posted sorry for the repitition,good luck..............

  SANTOS7 14:56 10 Nov 04


  Smegs 15:24 10 Nov 04

They'll think of all sorts to gain money!!!


  ventanas 17:01 10 Nov 04

Thank you, I'm still stuck on dialup at home, so this is worth knowing. I do have premium rate numbers blocked though, and DialerControl installed.

  Stuartli 17:50 10 Nov 04

Thanks for the warning; however, I think you mean to close such pop-ups using the Task bar.

  Carafaraday 18:26 10 Nov 04

I always check that the dialler is dialling up the 'right' number but is that sufficient to make sure that it really does dial that number and not a premium rate one?

  russmini 18:42 10 Nov 04

i was caught out by this in my last quater phone bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
although i check when i connect that it is dialling the correct no: it still dialled something/somewhere else !!
it cost me three figures !!
i now have (i hope) an adaquet anti virus and spybot & adaware installed to stop this happening again!!!
mind you i did not know you could just ask for premium no's to be blocked. this i will do tomorrow.

  canard 18:59 10 Nov 04

Happened to me- didn't click the popup just clicked to close it. Fortunately am on BB. The dialer was an old job that had been around in Germany called MainPean. Sensibly the G govt have banned all the expensive redial nos and I can't see why ours doesn't too. Lobbying???????????

  Newuser4165 19:35 10 Nov 04

I think I encountered what may be one of these new style popups this morning whilst browsing the website of my local morning paper.
A popup appeared purporting to be from HSBC bank.Each time I tried to close it the browser itself closed with error 404.This happened a number of times but has now disappeared completely.
I wasn't on dialup but on a LAN so hopefully no harm done.

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