Dial-Up Modem Shopping

  allstar 17:06 24 May 03


I am looking to vuy a new dial-up modem. Is ther anything I need to look for.

The OS is WinXP

  Gaz 25 17:11 24 May 03

A 56k modem is just fine...

And you could go for V.92 if your ISP supports it.

  allstar 17:13 24 May 03

Thanks for the quick reply.

The ISP is Telewest, but I dont know if they support V.92.

If I buy one that supports this will it make a difference of Telewest doesnt support V.92?

  rev.bem 18:49 24 May 03

Telewest do support v.92 i replaced my modem about 12 months ago with an Intel HaM v.92 modem from my local PC shop cost about £8.00 and works a treat.

  allstar 19:54 24 May 03

Thankyou very much, both of you.

I will tick this resolved.

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