Dial-up has slowed down

  Tom's Grandad 22:35 18 Nov 04

Have been with freeserve for a few years, it used to run at about 48Kbps most of the time, but it now runs at 33.2 all the time. Could this be anything to do with SP2 which I installed recently or my upgrade to norton a/v 2005 at about the same time. I have tried all the "speed-up suggestions on Wanadoo web site. Are Wanadoo directing me towards broadband?

  kev.Ifty 23:32 18 Nov 04

I thought that the quality of LP Records began to reduce in the early 1990's. There where several examples that when played, i found i had to increase the volume to enable me to hear them properly.

Those where the days of the beginning popularity of the CD(Album).........

I may stand to be corrected. But.. unless the software on your PC. is connecting to the INTERNET and using up your 'bandwidth'. I didn't think it would slow down your connection!

So.... Don't know.(would Wanadoo try to encourage you to spend more money with them?)

"£3 a month" extra for BB! Tempted?

:-) Kev.

  Buchan 35 23:42 18 Nov 04

I loved the "I`m an old cynic" intro.

However I`ve a question for Tom`s Grandad.
How much RAM have you got on board, and do you know what your mobo will support?

  kev.Ifty 00:12 19 Nov 04

I AM...It comes from receiving all those E-Mails and bleeping phone calls. By now i should have at least 5 fitted kitchens.

Anyway...... Tom's Grandad may find this site of interest!

click here

There are lots of tests which can help determine one's 'Performance' (well the PC's anyway)


  Tom's Grandad 20:35 19 Nov 04

Thanks Kev and Buchan 35 for the ideas. Something I forgot to mention! Emails I send are now behaving in random mode and some arrive at their destination but a lot don't. I'm beginning to think that i am not loved by Wanadoo any more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:32 19 Nov 04

Try running this Crap Cleaner click here to get rid of unwanted junk files that may be slowing down your PC.

  Cook2 21:36 19 Nov 04

click here and give it a run. Part of the test covers your problem and will point the way.

  woodchip 21:51 19 Nov 04

I had that problem and finshed up downloading V90 drivers to replace V92 it put the speed up

  Graham ® 22:01 19 Nov 04

Check with BT, ask if your line has been DACS'd.

  DDD 21:04 01 Feb 05

IE 6 and OE 6. Robotics Fax Modem.
When I dial up my ISP (which.net) everything proceeds normally to the message "Connected to remote computer". The window then remains blank for almost exactly 1 minute then the home page comes up or mail starts downloading and everything works normally. What causes this infuriating pause? I use the same ISp on aportable but with Firefox and a different modem and this problem does not arise

  woodchip 10:22 02 Feb 05

On the Desktop, Go to My Computer and double click the ICON then Double click Dial-Up Networking right click your ISP\Properties look in the tabs at the top you will find that there is a tab, Server Types,
in this tab there should be only

Enable Software Compression


TCP/IP that have a tick in the box,

if there are any other's remove them

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