Dial up connection won't go away

  mak2 18:42 17 Aug 04

The dial up box keeps appearing constantly, I've tried spybot, spywareblaster, CWshredder, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 17 Aug 04

Could be a program looking to update itself.

Do you have Norton?

when dial up box appears press Ctrl+Alt+Del (xp) to run task manager lokk which apllications are running this may tell you what is trying to dial out

A fire wall suchas Zone alarm (Free)click here will also tell you what is trying to access the net and you can allow or deny as required.

  cream. 19:21 17 Aug 04

Perhaps you have some software that is trying to update itself.

What operating system do you have? Is your internet connection on dial up?

Download dialler control
click here
It is in German, but loads in English. This will allow you to pick your browser as the main internet connection and to always block the rest.

If you use X\P the disable every thing in start > run > msconfig > startup. reboot and see if the box reappears. If it does then it is a programme in windows startup that is the problem. It will take a process of elimination to find the culprit.

  citadel 19:28 17 Aug 04

right click explorer icon, properties, connections, tick box never dial a connection.

  mak2 20:00 17 Aug 04

Thanks I'll try those items, I've already selected never dial a connection, but Iwanted to know what was causing it.

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