Dial-Up / Broadband Conflict

  Novis 12:14 07 Sep 05

Dial-Up / Broadband conflict

Outlook Express has been set up for Dial Up - however I am able to tap into a local broadband network using a dongle. However, this doesn't take me straight on to the Internet although I know I'm connected as I can see the ABC news using Advance Toolbar.

In order to access the ineternet I have to use my Dial-Up connection. However, once conncected I can then disconnect the Dial-Up and remain on the Internet through the broadband connection.

What setting do I have to change to get direct access to the Internet without having to use my ISP?

I am not able to send emails without using the Dial-Up, even when connected to the internet.


  Yoda Knight 12:17 07 Sep 05

Change your connection to "use local area network"

  Novis 13:22 07 Sep 05

Tried this. It results in the following error notification:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: '(acct name)', Server: 'mail.onetel.net', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

  keith-236785 16:02 07 Sep 05

IE, tools/internet options, click the connections tab, lick Lan settings then click to put a tick in the "automatically detect settings"

that should make your computer Look for a connection. if you have a dial up connection in the box at the top and no longer need it, just right click and delete....ONLY if you are sure you no longer need it.

  woodchip 17:55 07 Sep 05

Who's BB are you connecting in to, as if you are just connecting to one outside your home that is not secure you could get sent to Jail without passing GO

  Novis 17:18 18 Sep 05

Thank you for this worrying piece of information.

If I turn on my computer and it is interfered with by someone else's unsecured broadband transmission, somehow that isn them trespassing but me committing an offence?

Who's making our laws anyway?!

Are you sure of your facts Woodchip?

  VoG II 17:22 18 Sep 05
  GaT7 17:37 18 Sep 05

If it's your neighbour's BB, talk to him/her & offer to pay some of the costs. As long as your neighbour pays the BB Co their dues in full each month (& the BB Co is not concerned with the amount of traffic/usage) no one's going to be the wiser, are they? Or, is this illegal too?! G

PS - Of course, if what I'm suggesting is also against the law, please accept my sincere apologies, & do NOT do it!

  swapper 17:40 18 Sep 05

***Are you sure of your facts Woodchip?

Novis, from eons of experience of these two very helpful members,I know that you can trust what they say! :-)))

  Hamish 18:02 18 Sep 05

Look at this site and scroll down to Section 125 click here

  Dipso 21:29 18 Sep 05

"If I turn on my computer and it is interfered with by someone else's unsecured broadband transmission, somehow that isn them trespassing but me committing an offence?"

Let me get this straight...you have a wireless dongle but you don't actually have a wireless network and you are accusing your neighbour (presumably) of interfering with your computer because they are transmitting their "own" wifi signal for their "own" use???

If you are concerned, you could always remove the dongle until you have sorted out your "own" paid for wifi network.

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