dial-up to broadband

  vienna1981 20:33 14 Aug 03

Hi, I have ordered 150k NTL Broadband to be installed next week. I currently use 56k dial-up with NTL as my ISP. I would like to know from those who have upgraded from NTL dial-up to NTL broadband whether I have made the right choice. I know broadband has its benefits, but I have had some problems with NTL as my dial-up ISP I am just worried that the broadband won't be worth the extra money per month. I only decided to go with broadband as they were offering free installation as well as 1 free month. Thanks in advance.

  Legolas 20:39 14 Aug 03

I upgraded to NTL Broadband 2 years ago now on 600k no comparison to dial-up you will never go back now, believe me you have done the right thing, broadband is the way forward.

  Chris the Ancient 20:43 14 Aug 03

I did go from dial up (but freeserve) to ntl cable broadband.

Yes they have occasional outages with that - but which isp doesn't?

Best move I made.

What I would say is...

...spend the extra few pennies and have the 600k, it's really worth it! My connection has never been slower that about 620k.

To sum up...

Go for it!


  tanzanite 20:44 14 Aug 03

Been with ntl about a year now and last month got their broadband 150K,its worth the extra cash and felling a little greedy upgraded to 600K!

  vienna1981 20:50 14 Aug 03

thanks! i dont have enough money to get 600k at the mo (just left uni and currently looking for a PhD or a job) but once i get the extra cash i need i'll prob upgrade to 600k!

  tanzanite 20:52 14 Aug 03

Chris you say ur speeds never slower than 620k i to am on 600k connection and my max speed is 56ok

  Chris the Ancient 20:56 14 Aug 03

It's because of the hectic pace of life down here on the south coast LOL!


  tanzanite 21:00 14 Aug 03

yeah right lol

  Andy Hollingsworth 20:57 15 Feb 04

It's well worth trying all options and all providers before making a choise

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