Dial Up

  Woodie29 14:47 14 Mar 05

When trying to connect to the internet via adsl from plusnet I get the error message 'no dial tone' I have checked that all the splitters are in the right place that the modem is not faulty etc and there is a dial tone and still the same message - can anyone help ?

  MichelleC 16:07 14 Mar 05

There should be an option in modem settings to dial without waiting for dial tone.

  pc moron 16:10 14 Mar 05

If you can, plug the modem directly into the BT master socket and unplug everything else on the line. Does it work now?

  Chegs ® 16:26 14 Mar 05

I'm maybe wrong,but ADSL is a "signal" on the line,not a dialup arrangement.There would be only ADSL signal or none,not a "dial tone"

Therefore,I would be checking IE options for "Never dial a connection"

  woodchip 16:29 14 Mar 05

Sound like the Modem is Miss-configured

  ruthcruet 01:20 17 Mar 05

Hi Woodchip, just been going through the messages, and came across your's. At present I am having to use my old Win 98, as my XP had some problems a few month's ago and had to have it re-installed. Since then I have been unable to dial-up on my ISP, I comes up with the error message- no modem. The computer was working fine before the problems that made me have to re-install.So could it be what you told Chegs, if so what does'Miscofig mean? I am very new to computers so am not upto date with the terminology

  Graham ® 08:58 17 Mar 05

Is the modem 'synching'? You should have a power light on steady, then the ADSL light should flash then remain steady after a few seconds.

  Graham ® 09:04 17 Mar 05

Have you re-installed the modem? Check the status in Device Manager.

The PC may be trying to use your old dial-up modem, which may be disconnected.

The 'No dial tone' message is also common to ADSL, as Windows doesn't have a 'No ADSL' message.

  Woodie29 09:25 17 Mar 05

The Problem remains the same on 3 different routers all have been installed uninstalled and reinstalled - I have checked and the config is exactly the same as on my other pc that works fine in a different house - so with the new netgear router I have got a message that says dsl carrier down - having spoken to my isp they are going to carry out tests on the line between the house and the exchange to see if that is the problem.

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