DHE...? any good

  geoff47 00:15 07 Sep 04

I have been designing a site using DHE Editor,a freebie from somewhere and have got on fine with it.
Has anybody used it with any success? I only need a simple design tool and would like some reassurance that this program is up to it.
Thanks for any input.

  Taran 02:41 07 Sep 04

I am sorry to say that I have never used this particular program, although I have just downloaded it to play with. I do have some comments to offer anyway (no surprise there)...

What you have to keep in mind above all else is that the program or editor you use is often incidental. A good web designer can create a superb website with something as rudimentary as Notepad and a simple image editing program. It all falls down to how well you can use the software, not how much it costs or how many features it sports. Dreamweaver, for example, will not turn you into an ace designer.

The point I am ambling up to is that any web authoring tool will cut the mustard if the person at the keyboard takes the time to learn the program to help get the best out of it. Like most commercial designers I use a combination of many programs from the high end applications like Adobe GoLive (truly superb), Microsoft FrontPage (ditto), Dreamweaver (ditto again but a bit overrated in my opinion), NetObjects Fusion 8 (great fun and very effective) as well as a couple of simple code editors like Crimson Editor and, my favourite, HTML Kit from click here

Any of the above and many others that come to mind will more than do the job, as long as you put the time and effort into getting the best out of it. For example, many people moan about the FrontPage themes and you'd be surprised at how mnay of them have no idea that you can modify them to your hearts content or even create your own.

Off the top of my head I'd say that yes, your chosen software will more than do the job. What you have to do is approach your project with a good idea of what you want the end product to be. Think your layout through carefully and make sure it is sympathetic to your content. Plan it all out and then learn how to use your software.

Planning the site is half the fun anyway, and the other half is playing with the software and making your site. Some of the bits inbetween can give you the odd headache, but if you get stuck with specifics feel free to ask.

All I can really say is the best of luck with it. Make it, break it, fix it and put it all together. By the time you've done that a few times you'll be flying along.

  geoff47 13:02 07 Sep 04

That about sums what I thought...to a tee.
I have designed several sites but they remain on my PC.Reading through this forum I think I am on the verge of going for the real thing.I am not into all the fiddly bits,and think the most effective websites are by and large, simple in design.
I amy be back as the project goes along to pick your brains.
Thanks Geoff47

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