DG 632 Router Problems

  onza40 22:40 07 Feb 07

I have a Netgear DG 632 router and I need to configure my uTorrent to work with it. At the moment it won't connect to any peers and I cannot download files, could someone please explain to me how to get uTorrent working with my router.

  PalaeoBill 21:57 09 Feb 07
  onza40 13:34 10 Feb 07

Thanks for the guide but I'm sorry to say I've already tried this, it's not the port forwarding bit that's a problem but the static ip, and I already tried the static ip section of the guide, alas to no avail.
Please could anyone that knows how to set up a static ip tell me how to make one and how to make it work with my router.

  onza40 18:23 23 Feb 07

I really need help with this, please can someone tell me how to do it!

  PalaeoBill 21:05 24 Feb 07

You need to get into the LAN IP Setup Menu on your DG 632 router. By default, the DG 632 is set up as a DHCP server. It uses the address and it will issue IP addresses to PC's on your network as and when then connect to the router. It will be configured with a Starting IP address of and and Ending IP address of

You need to change this range, say to start at for example. Then this leaves IP addresses such as .2 to .9 free to be issued to devices that need a static IP. Set your uTorrent to use one of these, with a subnet of

  onza40 12:50 25 Feb 07

Thanks, I'll give that a go.

  onza40 12:54 25 Feb 07

Argh, I can change the range of the ip, but then in uTorrent I need to choose a port, so I chose 51246 or something similar, now how do I tell my router to allow this port through?

  onza40 14:13 25 Feb 07

Also my router no longer lets me press "apply" when I change the ip range, is there a fault here?

  PalaeoBill 14:27 25 Feb 07

I think that is covered by the first link I gave.

Essentially you need to set up a custom service in your router (via the Security>Services menu option). Add the service, give it any old name and set both the port start & port end values to 51246. I think you just need to set up a TCP service, but by all means add a UDP one too.

Next you need to allow this service to come through the routers hardware firewall. So you want to add an inbound firewall rule (via the Security>Firewall rules menu option). Use the IP address that you assigned to uTorrent, Apps ('cause its applications you want to allow through) and then whatever name you gave the service you just set up.

My apologies that I didn't give you this info right from the start. I had not understood your problem properly.

  PalaeoBill 14:33 25 Feb 07

Sorry, missed your 14:13 post.

I;m not sure why you want to change it again if you have a batch of fixed IP's to play with, but ..
the router will not let you apply a change to the IP range that would compromise an IP it has already issued via DHCP.

If it is causing you a problem, you could just set up fixed IP's on all of your PC's and disable DHCP on the router.

  onza40 14:40 25 Feb 07

Thanks dude, the only thing i've got a slight issue with is how to assign an ip to uTorrent, can I just use something like as a static ip (even though it isn't) and set my router's firewall rule to allow the uTorrent port with this ip?

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