devolo homeplug setup issues

  muppet77 08 May 11

just got a devolo 200 AV wireless N homeplug AV starter kit.

I have plugged in the AV into my router and a mains socket.

I have then plugged the wireless box into a socket downstairs.

All lights are on and i can see (but not connect to) the wireless signal, using my android phone.

When i fire up the devolo cockpit software to change the ssid, it doesn't pick up the dLAn adapter (which is connected directly to my router).

what am i doing wrong.

A beginner.

thanks in advance

  onthelimit1 08 May 11

Don't know the Devolo units, but is there a wireless key that you need to input to connect?

  muppet77 08 May 11

yes there is - but i have nowhere to input it.

Anyway, bit of movement....

i reset my PC router by switching it off then on again.

I then browsed in IE to and got the setup screen!

i was able to change the SSID and password key so that my mobile now connects.

The DLan cockpit still doesn't connect - no idea what that's about, but i don't need it at the moment.

You can see a map of connections and checks speeds etc so it would be nice to see, but for all purposes i now have wifi activated downstairs.

hope this helps someone else!

  numskull 08 Jul 11

Mine kept disconnecting until I changed the name of the network to the same as my router then changed the WAP key to the same as the router. My Dlan cockpit works fine.

  Kidson 14 Jul 11

You don't need the Cockpit for the 200 Range

Reset all your adapters to factory settings.

Get your computer to recognise the nearest adapter to your computer.

Then position the next adapter wherever you wish.

To connect to the Internet you will be asked for a password - that is the Sec ID on the unerneath of the adapter.


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