devices.exe taking 90% of processing power - why?

  tallboy 14:41 08 Jul 09

In a separate discussion thread I was seeking help to fix a very slow Dell 500 PC. I still am!

I have just noticed from the task manager window that a process called devices.exe is taking up 90% of the CPU power, when the only application running was the updating of the Kaspersky Internet Security database. Why? What does it do and how can I stop it grabbing so much CPU time permanently?

I terminated the process, which seemed to have no ill effect and the KIS update speeded up considerably! May be I don't need it at all.

  Graphicool1 14:58 08 Jul 09

Have you got a Nokia? click here

Or do you use 'DriverMax'? click here

  Sea Urchin 15:01 08 Jul 09

Devices.exe is a file contained in DriverMax - a program for downloading new drivers. It can also be malware. I have DriverMax installed, but don't get this problem, so I would run a some checks with your anti-malware programs. (Especially if you don't have DriverMax)

  Sea Urchin 15:01 08 Jul 09

Great minds.....

  Graphicool1 15:07 08 Jul 09

I too use DriverMax but I don't have it on all the time. I only run it when checking for driver updates. Not because of the above file, but because I don't like the task bar being over crowded. So no, I haven't got that file hogging my resources.

  tallboy 15:22 08 Jul 09

Many thanks for the quick responses Graphicool1 & Sea Urchin.

Yes, I do have DriverMax running on the Dell PC. However, since I have just finished uupdating all the drivers to the current level (and given the fact that it is a 2001 PC, there are unlikely to be any further driver updates) I can certainly make it inactive and probably remove it altogether.

Interestingly, I also have it on my Mesh PC (which is still going through downloading updates) and I don't get the Processor-hogging on that machine, so I'll certainly investigate the possibility of malware on the Dell PC.

  birdface 15:42 08 Jul 09

An old thread from myself a while back with no replies.

click here

Remedy was to stop Driver max from running at start up.
I hope this helps.

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