(Device name MSCDOO1 NO Drivers found Aborting Op

  Ex plorer 15:11 27 Nov 06

Hi helping a mate out. I am trying to load Win98.
When the 98 flopy runs I get the mesage (Device name :MSCDOO1 NO Drivers Found Aborting Operation?)
Win98 is been loaded onto a newly formated HDFat32.
I have started off by using CD suport and CD is the first boot.


  Gongoozler 15:26 27 Nov 06

Some CD drives don't use the generic Windows cd driver. Check whether your mate's computer has one of those.

  Gongoozler 15:29 27 Nov 06

That should have been the generic Microsoft driver MSCDEX.EXE. This was especially true of some older CD drives. I had a Mitsumi drive in an old 1995 computer that had to have its own driver.

  Ex plorer 16:19 27 Nov 06

Never had this problem before the CD isnt that old.
when the diagnostic tools are loaded sucsesfully it loads them to D.
by sucsesfully it still hasnt found the CDROM drivers.
I will put a new CD Player in and see what happens.

  Ex plorer 16:28 27 Nov 06

Tried an Aopen CD Drive unused 2003 date on it but I still get(Device name :MSCDOO1 NO Drivers Found Aborting Operation?)
When the 98 downloaded fl;oppy disc stops loading I get
Diagnostic tools were sucsesfully loaded to drive D.

  Ex plorer 21:44 27 Nov 06

Hi I have found the driver from .com for the CD drive.
At what point or how do I load the driver onto PC, its on a flopy disk,

  Ashrich 23:41 27 Nov 06

Drive D is a ram drive , your CD would be listed a E drive , have a look on the floppy to see if MSCDEX.EXE is on it .


  Ashrich 23:43 27 Nov 06

Copy it to your boot floppy .


  Ashrich 00:00 28 Nov 06

Oh , and A: should be the first boot device otherwise it won't be able to load the CD driver .


  Ex plorer 12:55 28 Nov 06

The file is over 2mb with all info on it however I tried using two floppies but the PC didn’t recognise the floppies.
I bought ten old CDs looks like they may be useless if I cant get drivers onto the HD.

  Ex plorer 14:01 28 Nov 06

Should read CD Drives, I cant see the MSCDEX.EXE file in the DIR so what now.

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