device manager

  Rossi1uk 13:19 03 Jan 07

When i go into device manager it is completely blank, i have gone to plug and play and clicked ok but still there is nothing i am trying to set up wireless on a laptop with windows xp pro does anyone know what i should do Plz help before i throw it in the bin

  terryf 13:21 03 Jan 07

which os?

  VoG II 13:22 03 Jan 07

Duplicate click here

  mymate 13:22 03 Jan 07

You have already asked once click here

If Vog suggestion didnt work you should have carried on with that thread.

  Graham. 13:26 03 Jan 07

Restart the computer after starting Plug and Play.

  Graham. 13:39 03 Jan 07

'I did and still this hasn't worked'

Please respond in the thread.

  Graham. 13:41 03 Jan 07

Did you change the Startup type to Automatic?

  GEEKSTA 13:48 03 Jan 07

You wouldnt really through it in the bin would you? lol

  Graham. 17:27 03 Jan 07

To respond in the thread, type in the box 'Add a new response...' at the bottom and click 'Post Response'.

  terryf 19:15 03 Jan 07

os = operating system, please don't email direct unless requested

  terryf 19:16 03 Jan 07

click on an empty part of the desktop (you do know what that is) and press F1 then type 'set up wireless' in the search box

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