Detecting New Hard Drive

  Gigs 14:16 03 Jan 07

I have just installed a new 160GB HDD as a slave drive and when I first booted up WinXP Pro detected it and stated 'New hardware found' I then went into 'My Computer' but the drive is not showing there.
Can anyone tell me how to get it showing and I assume as it's brand new I will have to format it?
Any help would be appreciated.

  SLAYER 14:32 03 Jan 07
  Gigs 14:40 03 Jan 07

Thanks for that, havn't been into the BIOS, not too keen, but I assumed that as XP recognised the new drive and it shows up OK in Device Manager I wouldn't have to.
Any thoughts?

  961 14:46 03 Jan 07

Go to the link that Slayer provides and print out the instructions for detecting the new hard drive

Take your time and it will all work out ok

  Gigs 14:50 03 Jan 07

Thanks, I probably didn't read it carefully enough. I am just a bit wary about the BIOS but I will have a go.

  961 14:53 03 Jan 07

So long as you don't change anything you aren't sure about there won't be a problem

You can ok your way out without any alterations

  Gigs 15:10 03 Jan 07

I have checked the BIOS and the new drive had been detected correctly but I still cannot see it in 'My Computer'
Can't find it to do anything with it.

  Chris-347369 15:15 03 Jan 07

Right click on My Computer and click manage. Go to Disk Management and you should see your new hard disk there. You'll need to right click on it and create a new logical partition and assign it a driver letter

  mgmcc 15:17 03 Jan 07

Open Disk Management ("Start > Run", type DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK) and you should see the new drive. Right click it to see the available options, such as "Initialising" it, which will let you partition it, allocate a drive letter and format it.

If you create a partition larger than 32GB, XP will only be able to format it as NTFS. A smaller partition can be formatted as either FAT32 or NTFS.

  Gigs 15:32 03 Jan 07

Thank you very much Pyroxide. Done that and it has now been recognised. Appreciate your help.

  Gigs 15:33 03 Jan 07

Thanks for that. Posted before I saw yours.
Appreciate it.
This really is a great site.

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