Detecting network devices

  Gaz_dc 19:42 26 Dec 04

I have acquired an old PC for my in laws to use. It is an old 600 MHz Celeron with 128 MB RAM. The problem is that the ethernet card doesn't seem to be detected. It is a Netgear FA311.

I have looked at device manager, and everything seems ok (at least no errors). I have installed Belarc Advisor, and under Communications all it says is none detected. I am at a loss of what to do now.

Any help gratefully received


ps, hope you all had a good Christmas!!!

  Cook2 20:48 26 Dec 04

Does this click here help?

  AndySD 20:53 26 Dec 04

Try it in a different pci slot.

  Gaz_dc 21:02 26 Dec 04

OK, how silly do I feel?!!!

I should really learn to check the basics first - the card wasn't seated in the slot correctly.

Thanks for your responses

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