Desperately need help with iTunes!!

  beckyboas 02 Jan 12

My ipod wasn't being recognised by iTunes so I uninstalled it but now I can't install it again. It lets me run it but when it's finished it just goes off the screen but hasn't been downloaded. Please can anyone help me? I'm using Windows Vista, thanks.

  difarn 02 Jan 12

Do you mean you uninstalled your iPod and can't re-install it? If so have a look at this article.

Or Do you mean you have uninstalled and tried to re-install iTunes? If so have a look at this article about uninstalling all of the components.

  beckyboas 02 Jan 12

OK thanks. I uninstalled iTunes not my ipod. I'll have a look now.

  beckyboas 02 Jan 12

Unfortunately i've unstalled the components in a different order to what it says so now i'm stuck. I have tried to start the Apple Mobile Device as that is currently stopped but this message appears:

The operation could not be completed. The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

Can you help?

  difarn 02 Jan 12

Don't panic. Have a look at these instructions on how to check that all components are completely removed. You need to go to step 2 - verify iTunes and related components are completely uninstalled and then scroll down to "If you aren't sure how to remove these files, you can follow these detailed steps" - follow the 24 steps.

Once all of this has been done you should then be able to re-install iTunes. Once you have removed all of the files I would restart your PC again before reinstalling.


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