desperate help needed

  fire 23:21 05 Mar 03

iwas connected to the net and suddenly my pc shutdown and now when i try to restart i get the option of safe start up etc and no matter what i choose the pc starts up to the xp pro screen and then shuts down and restarts..ive no idea of what the problem is but it did do this last week but i resstarted it straight away.....i desperately need info of hard drive....please any help...thanks

  Djohn 23:29 05 Mar 03

Try leaving it off for 10 or 15 minutes, then reboot again and see what happens. When you switch off, switch off at the wall socket as well.

If the problem is still there, then look for signs of overheating, check all fans are working.

  fire 23:33 05 Mar 03

if that doesnt cure it is there anything else i could try, if i reinstalled winxp would i loose the files of hd if it wasnt formatted?????

  VoG™ 23:36 05 Mar 03

If you reinstall W XP over itself you should retain all your documents.

I don't understand what you have done to cause this problem?

  fire 23:41 05 Mar 03

i have no idea but both fans are working when i get to xp loading screen after about 10 seconds there is a very slight flash on the screen the keyboard lights come on and it switches off and resstarts.....any ideas

  fire 23:54 05 Mar 03

any more help pleeeeeeeeese

  Lozzy 23:59 05 Mar 03

Try a system restore

  fire 00:01 06 Mar 03

by that do you mean a reinstallation

  powerless 00:05 06 Mar 03

Can you actually get to a Windows desktop?

If you cannot, you need to do a repair of XP.

  Demora 00:07 06 Mar 03

I have had this problem with Win ME many months ago. What happens if you go to safe mode??? Does the computer let you into the safemode screen? If so I'm sure you will be able to run something like scandisk to search for any file problems.

How old is the computer? I have also had this problem wish a friends old pc and in the end we had to replace the Hard drive.

I have also come across problems like this and the cause has been a controller on the motherboard. New motherboard and the PC was fine.

These are just some suggestions and instances that I have come across. Let me know if anything here points you in the right direction and note down anything else that occurs.

Good luck


  fire 00:08 06 Mar 03

ive just tried to reinstall and i get a message 'a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your pc' and just below it reads 'page fault in non paged area'..what the ~#### is going on

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