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  spook88 11 Feb 12


Have just bought a new windows 7 desktop p.c to replace old dell which was running on windows xp which connected to the web via a sagem dial up modem from tiscali at the time(now talktalk) which the telephone cable goes into the back of to get online.

But i see on back of the new pc tower there is only an ethernet port - so my question is do i need to by a router even though i do not want the desktop to go wireless only wired?

Is the sagem modem still viable to work with windows 7?

*If so any suggestions on make/models

Thanks for any advice on this

  Batch 11 Feb 12

Is your existing service (tiscali, now talktalk) broadband (using a single user broadband modem that connected to your old PC via a USB cable OR is it real old-fashioned very slow dial-up which actually dials a proper telephone number each time you connect?

  spook88 11 Feb 12

hi, yes it is very old and dial up system on broadband via tiscali/talktalk dialing a set number each time.

  spook88 11 Feb 12

....which makes me think i need to get a wired router perhaps?

  Batch 11 Feb 12

If it is dialing a proper telephone number (e.g. like 0800... or 0845... or 0844.....) then surely it isn't broadband?

  northumbria61 11 Feb 12

The majority are wireless routers these days whether or not you wish to use the wireless facility - but you may at some later stage.

  spook88 11 Feb 12

it dials 0,38 each time

  spook88 11 Feb 12 is broadband though!

  Batch 11 Feb 12

Ok, so it is broadband. Then I guess the connection from the sagem box to the old computer was via USB. Is that right?

If so, why can't you just do the same for your new PC or will the software that came with the sagem box not work in Win 7? In which case, your best bet is to buy an ADSL modem / router and connect to your PC via network cable (i.e. Ethernet)

  spook88 11 Feb 12

yes, that's what i am thinking as whether it will work on new one with the old software really - would there be any difference in terms of connection quality?

  spook88 11 Feb 12

..yes you are right - it is via USB


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