Desktop Wallpaper question

  webber_man 09:43 06 Aug 04

Desktop Wallpaper

Is it possible to have the desktop wallpaper change (like a Powerpoint slide show for example) or does it have to be static?

  johnnyrocker 09:47 06 Aug 04

if possible which i doubt that would be a screen saver i suspect.


  Pesala 10:10 06 Aug 04

Since Windows ME, I think you have been able to set up the screen saver to show pictures from any folder on your hard drive as a screen saver. I realise this is not quite what you are asking.

  Falkyrn 10:13 06 Aug 04

A lot depends on what you mean by "changing" ... if you mean constantly moving then this was achieved through the early attempts (Windoews 98)at an active desktop which used web style html pages as the desktop. It had a few problems.

If on the other hand you mean a cycled change at regular intervals then there are a number of programs available to achieve this an example of one of these can be found at click here

  Belatucadrus 10:24 06 Aug 04
  Falkyrn 10:27 06 Aug 04

click here

is another freeware changer

  Adam87 10:50 06 Aug 04

I saw this in Plus! on Windows 98. I think it was the Garfield one or Peanuts, there were some ants running accross the screen.

What were the problems??

  Falkyrn 00:24 07 Aug 04

The problem with the early W98 active desktop was basically it didn't work too well

it hogged resources and on a very regular basis was known to crash systems.... to some extent this was fixed by MS in a later release

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