Desktop & Taskbar gone. Need help please!

  Sean B 20:18 27 Dec 04

I am in dire straits & think i have completely messed up my pc.
I have a 2.0ghz amd system with windows xp, and 512mb memory, 40gb hard drive.
My current situation is this:
System restore is disabled.
I have 2 user(admin)accounts.1 has never been used (user1). 1 has been used for the past 5 years (sean).

Ok so basically i have removed several programmes from the sean account,i used the add/remove programmes in windows.
When i restarted the pc, the desktop & taskbar are gone & the only access i have is by using the task manager.
The programmes i removed were screensaver progs & other junk like that, but also included windows xp powertoys.Sorry cant remember specifics about what i removed.
I can access the user 1 account no problem and everything is intact.I could use this account except i dont have access to my various email accounts or to all the extras i have put into the quicklauch bar & also on the desktop.
I have a mountain of stuff i need access too really which is all in that account & i have no clue if this can be recovered.
I would be most appreciative if someone could pull me out of the proverbial, i really do need this account back.
Anyway any replies will be gratefully received.
Many thanks in advance,
Sean (muppet extraordinaire)

  Sean B 20:49 27 Dec 04

Also i do not have a restore disc, so i cant simply repair the files .

  kimjhon 23:01 27 Dec 04

While in the sean a/c what happens when you hit the winkey?
Or winkey and E ?

  Sean B 00:05 28 Dec 04

Thx for the response, hitting the winkey or winkey + e produces no response at all.It is pretty much down to the task manager on its own.I cannot right click on the non existent desktop or launchbar, everything i have tried has produced no response at all.

  Sean B 00:22 28 Dec 04

Ok i have managed to go through the task manager & place a background picture by clicking on file/new task & then typing "c:\Documents & settings\Default\Application data\microsoft\windows\themes\custom.theme".

So i now have the windows xp green fields with a 2 inch black strip across the bottom and no desktop icons.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the launchbar/taskbar, whatever its called...& the systray?

Many thanks in advance...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 28 Dec 04

You account (sean)is corrupted back up your data in the my docs folder if possible.

is the other account ok? If ok and admin then in the other account create a new account with the same name as your old one (sean), the account will be overwrtten but the files should still be accessable.

Taskbar missing
click here

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